What our clients say about our service.

Thanks for the great Job! (L.C.)

TI loved working with Bud and Norman. They were so thorough and explained everything so well, both verbally and in the written report. I was able to look back at the detailed report and refer to pictures and descriptions when speaking to my contractors, which was a great help.

Mr. Albertson’s reports are nicely detailed, and his explanations well-grounded in reality. He made it easy for us to triage what needed to be done right away, vs things that we can wait to address.

We have used Bud twice now both for an existing older home and a new construction. In each circumstance he is very thorough and thoughtful in his reporting.

Thank you for your services Bud and Norm. They were very helpful in uncovering additional factors with the home that I had not anticipated. (J.W.)

I enjoyed meeting you both yesterday and thank you again for shining in your profession. You were very informative and your report confirms it. Thanks for aiding us in being more informed concerning our major purchase. Merry Christmas to you both! (W.J.)

Thank you Bud! It is a pleasure working with you! (S.B.)

Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience for us! I thought y’all were very professional ! (K.R.)

I can say that I had a pleasant experience with using this company for my home inspections. My report was easy to read and I have actually been using it to help me keep track of what needs to be done. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that wants a detailed Home Inspection (N.S.)

Very thorough and impactful toward making final negotiations on the price. The report was easy to read. The face-to-face explanation was friendly and professional. Thank you. (R.O.)


I felt your inspection was thorough and easy to understand. Our seller accepted your report and did a good job of making the necessary repairs. Thank you. (R.N.)

Excellent all the way around! Thanks! (J.C.)

Superior service all around. Extremely thorough process and very comfortable people to work with (A.P.)

As investors, we have worked with several different inspectors. This is the first time we have felt completely satisfied, and did not feel that we needed to keep searching for an inspector who would give us better service. Glad we found you! (J.L.)

Could not be more pleased with your service, thank you so much Bud. (W.H.)

Pleasant experience. Very informative. (S.D.)

I was very pleased with the amount of information given and the explanation of it all, along with the pictures. I have been amazed with the follow up contact. Thank you so greatly and may God continue to bless all of your endeavors, personal and business wise. (T.R.)

Thank you so much for the reports. Also thank you again for spending the time with me to explain each item and using the pictures as examples. Your report will help to identify what to do and where. It will certainly make it easy for me gets these items corrected in a timely manner.

After working with you, I can not understand why all inspectors do not do their job the way you do yours. It was a pleasure.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Christine (C.)

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on the inspection, your thoroughness means alot. I am not purchasing this home but, will definitely use you as the inspector on the next house I find. (S.F.)

Service was greatly appreciated, thank you so much (P.O.)

thanks for everything. The service was great (S.O.)