Seen in the field

CPVC pipe next to flue
CPVC pipe touching the flue pipe. The fix? Slip some cardboard between the warm flue pipe and meltable plastic!
Dryer exust on ouside of house coverd with a cage full of lint
Linty! Keeping the birds out and the LINT In!!
Man in a fireplace inspecting it
Roomy; Some fireplaces are easier to inspect than others…
A exust pipe coming out the roof with no flashing
Flashing—who needs flashing?!
Water falling in the crawl space
A in the roof lighfixture being held up with a jockstrap
Recycling Gone Too Far. The homeowner thought: “I knew I could find a use for that old jockstrap someday.”
Header beam held up by a stack of books on a wall ledge
A inside corner with two gutters and no downspout
2 garage door garage with brackets holding them together
Cheapness Knows No Bounds 2 garage doors attached to 1 opener!!
grounding wire attached to exterior of the electrical case
A SHOCKING good time
Carason furnace next to window heating and cooling unit
Can you say carbon monoxide? This picture speaks for itself!
Rat fried in the electrical box
I Smell a Rat
Drayer in the way of accessing electrical box
Easy Access to the breaker box? YEA!! AFTER you move the washer and dryer!
Two pictures one with uncovered light in the bathroom. And a light switch in the same shower.
Exposed Light in Shower Stall!!!
Even the SWITCH!!!
A unmilled log with plastic over it being used as a support post.
Trend NEW decorative Support Post!!


A Dryer connected to house with no coverings on the wires.


Board held from splitting using duct tape
Duct Tape? Hey, it works for NASCAR
A maze of plumbing in a crawl space
A Plumbing Odyssey; Wasn’t there a screen saver like this?


Support post held in place with a strip of nails going through the bolt hole
Chimney sitting next to the added side of the house
Snug Fit; A good way to protect the chimney from a strong wind.
Drainage pipe intersection plugged with cheap water bottle

When the toilet was flushed, water and whatever spurted out around this bottle.

Air pipe for ac is supported by a chair
Have a Seat Duct Support!! Watch the Posture!!
Huge beehive in the chimney
Sweet Surprise – Don’t fall off the roof!
The intake is right under a air vent
Keep the supply & return registers close together so the hot air can flow freely back to the furnace.
Water heater sideways in a crawl space
First Hot Water Heater in Space? Pressure Relief? NOT!!
A support post has wrench and weight to extend the support post
Wrench & Weight to SUPPORT the house??
Water pipe has automotive part to connect two parts.
The work of an auto mechanic turned plumber?
Rubbermaid lid used as a cap to exist
Marketing Opportunity; The people at Rubbermaid may be proud of a new-found use for a garbage can lid!
Aluminum foil used to carry exhaust from water heater
FOILED! This section of water heater flue pipe is made entirely out of aluminum foil!
Tree growing in the house
Growth in the Real Estate Market! What was that about TREE HOUSES?
Plant growing in drain pipe
Downspout Greenhouse
Plastic container in ac box
Homemade Humidifier
automotive parts for heating
Another automotive heating system
Overloaded uotlet in the bathroom
What a SHOCKING experience!
Bullet next to hole it created in a rubber roof
Q: What do you look for while inspecting rubber roof?
A: Bullet holes, of course.